Why We're Launching Support Groups & Opening the Hela Platform to Every Woman in Need

I have to admit, we have been going back and forth on Hela Health’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We didn’t want to use the coronavirus as a cheap marketing shot, and spent lots of time looking deeply at our own values and mission to craft an appropriate response. So we did what we know best: we asked women directly:

What are you struggling with during these uncertain times?

What we heard surprised us: In addition to the fear surrounding our health, as well as that of our families, women told us that practicing social distancing has deep impacts on their support systems. Many of our users are spending more time at home, away from friends and colleagues, and struggling to juggle it all, sometimes feeling really alone.

And on top of it all they have no place to turn for health and wellness tools and advice, as many healthcare providers are simply swamped with acute care needs.

Supporting women through those messy moments is the core of Hela Health, whether that’s through a product, support from an expert, or from a virtual friend in the same boat.

We're launching Hela Support Groups so our users connect with women in similar life stages in this uncertain time, all virtually, to support and empower each other.

The new support groups allow women to connect with the same group over live video once per week on our platform across more than 15 topics, and growing as we receive new requests. We’re launching groups for pregnant women, new and/or breastfeeding moms, women in menopause, women dealing with the double care burden and so much more.

It’s the first feature of its kind. We all know and love our boards, Facebook groups, and more. But sometimes we need real, raw support and live human connection. That’s more important now than ever in these unprecedented times. We are hoping that decency, kindness, and non-judgmental support is the norm as groups of women come together in whole new ways to talk and give each other virtual hugs.

And beyond these new groups, we want to be a resource for all women in the coming months, not only those on our employer plan, so we’re opening the platform to any woman to get the care and support needed through these uncharted times. We’re leaving behind our traditional pilot program so companies and HR managers can share a simple registration link with your team to sign up totally free as we weather this storm together.

Here’s how women on your team can benefit from the platform over the next 3 months:

  1. Share the Hela Health sign up link with your team. When they click “Sign Up” and create an account they can start using the platform immediately. For the next 3 months, we’re opening Hela Health up to any woman who needs support, no questions asked.

  2. Choose a peer support group: Sign up for peer support groups currently offered, or request a new group.

  3. Take a live class: Check out our schedule of virtual health and wellness classes coming up, from Egg Freezing 101 to Breastfeeding Basics, Improving Your Milk Supply, Understanding the Sexual Side Effects of Birth Control and so much more.

  4. Get a product or service to help you manage: The day to day might look very different than before. Check out our Femtech shop with exclusive discounts on products and services to help you juggle it all while managing your health and wellness in a new routine.

  5. Get expert guidance from a Hela provider: Log onto our platform to get real time answers from leading medical experts right from your computer.

At Hela, we’re here for the mind and body for women of all ages and life stages. We don’t shy away from issues and together, we’re building a global community of women who are here for each other during both crisi and times of calm.

We hope you join us.

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