Why Technology for Women Should be Part of Your Benefits Strategy in 2020

Virtual platforms from telehealth to meditation apps and holistic wellness programs have become a mainstream part of corporate benefits in the last few years. From Talkspace to Doctor on Demand, employers recognize the power of these solutions to better meet the realities of a more flexible, remote workforce as part of increasingly challenging strategies to recruit and retain the best talent.

Most of these solutions are telehealth based and for all employees. But women have unique health and wellness needs that we simply can’t ignore and are almost always overlooked by traditional services today. Birth control, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, sexual health, and menopause are just a few, as well as the unique manifestation and management of chronic disease in women, like heart disease, osteoporosis and hypertension.

What if we take a step beyond access to traditional consultation services and think about how technology can particularly transform the lives of women at work? What if we could bring consumer facing tools directly into the workspace to empower women to better manage their care on their own terms?

We are talking about physical products, apps, wearables, devices, and services designed and deployed specific to women. The impact can be huge for all ages and life stages.

For pregnant women, wearable contraction monitors and new tests are helping prevent preterm

birth. A new generation of hands free, silent breast pumps are enabling new moms to pump in the boardroom. Alternative birth control methods are hitting the market with FDA approval, and getting birth control has never been easier with at home ordering of a diverse kinds of contraception from pills, rings, patches, and more. Fertility aids are helping women conceive at home before traditional assisted reproductive technology routes (IUI, IVF). Innovative period products are hitting the market like rapid fire from menstrual pain management tools to feminine care alternatives.

Long ignored leaky and overactive bladder, a normal part occurrence that impacts 1 in 3 women in their lifetime is also getting the spotlight through tools that help strengthen the pelvic floor. In the sexual health space, taboo topics like pain during sex are being addressed head on with products that alleviate pain and information resource centers. For older women, there are so many tools available to help women manage their symptoms to address vaginal dryness and relief for hot flashes to name just two.

It’s time to bring all these solutions to women at work. Companies are already offering tons of benefits for women including fertility coverage, egg freezing, and platforms that support new moms. But there is a bit of vendor fatigue for all these offerings, and solutions packaged for employers are still mostly focused on child rearing leaving most women and their unique needs out of the mix.

But that’s all changing with Hela Health, a platform built for and designed by women to curate the best technology, services, products, apps, and wearables available today for women of all ages and life stages in one place. Employers can now offer the latest solutions and services to their team, as well as their partners, through a special subsidy program that allows employers to set an annual budget for women to spend on tools that meet their unique needs.

The process is super simple:

  1. Choose Your Modules: Pick the services you want to include in your plan and the budget set for employees and partners to spend on the platform.

  2. Automated Roll Out: Your team receives a simple link for signup and can start using modules from day one.

  3. Add Baskets & Vouchers As You Go: Send an occasion basket or voucher for special life stages, from special mothers day gifts to having a new baby to celebrating a milestone birthday so women can choose what they want and need.

From menstrual pain devices to hands free breast pumps and all natural period products, women can choose the tools that will help them manage their own health and wellness on their own terms. The solution alleviates two critical challenges: a single vendor for employers to offer all these great tools and services in one place and a way for employees to get what they need without awkward conversations with HR on what specific tools could help.

We have a hunch that these solutions will improve how women feel about their workplace but will also impact harder metrics like health outcomes, cost savings, improved productivity/focus at work, and more. In fact, we’re actively measuring and analyzing those outcomes now through special pilot programs with leading US employers.

How do you think Femtech can empower women in your workplace? If you’re ready to explore, we’d love to work with you on a solution that meets your unique needs in budget to start the decade off helping women truly thrive.

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