Why Non-Acute, Virtual Care Matters Now More than Ever

We know that this has been a challenging month for companies around the world trying to rapidly restructure and operate remotely. There have been layoffs, conversations around keeping teams as productive as possible, while also supporting mental health, wellbeing, and culture to help employees thrive. Unfortunately, given the rate of globalization, we may see a prolonged period of isolation, an increase in pandemic events broadly beyond COVID-19, and that these contingency plans will likely be here to stay and part of a new normal.

As that shift takes place, virtual health and wellness platforms like Talkspace and Amwell ensure everyone can keep functioning and stay healthy. As physical meeting locations and the availability of traditional, in-person health and wellness providers dwindles, the need for virtual platforms are clear, and evident by the massive growth these companies are seeing, especially from employers offering them to their teams.

But those solutions are still focused on managing the onslaught of acute, essential care, from strep throat to UTIs and even evaluation of potential COVID symptoms. Our doctors and healthcare providers, even virtually, are simply overwhelmed with acute care needs, are overflowing with patients, and it’s challenging to get the right support and tools to manage for anything outside those specific areas.

According to a recent article in Stat, the jam in access to telehealth will only worsen after the US government authorized a dramatic expansion in the availability of telehealth services to Medicare patients, pushing companies to further limit care to those with urgent needs.

But while necessary, that also has profound impacts on women and families. We are still breastfeeding. We still need access to birth control. We still have leaky bladders. We still have painful periods. We still need prenatal care. We are still trying to conceive. We are still working out new menopause symptoms. The list goes on and on, and support is still needed.

It’s on all of us, including companies, to help get non-acute care to their team as well so we can be effective in remote work and maintaining balance.

That’s where Hela Health comes in: we are the first virtual platform that gets women access to holistic, non-acute care anytime, anywhere. We’re getting women vetted devices, wearables, apps and services to take control of their care, and when needed, give their doctors better tools to track their needs and progress remotely.

We’re passionate about helping women and their families get access to critical services, even if they aren’t labeled as urgent. And to support them, we have expedited our development with a number of new releases and features:

Ask an Expert:

Hela members can get off google and get real answers from experts, in real time with consultations powered by Kliit Health. For the next 3 months, Hela members can access two sessions completely free.

Special Discounts on Women’s Health and Wellness Products:

We have negotiated special discounts with manufacturers on consumer facing health and wellness tools, including tampon shipping services, at home fertility tools, breastfeeding tools and accessories, menopause support apps, and so much more. Many of the items can be found at pharmacies, but we are offering deep discounts and everything comes straight to our users door without shipping costs.

New Live and Recorded Classes:

We have a huge lineup of live classes, and opening access to past recorded classes, including breastfeeding and prenatal classes, and subjects around fertility, menopause, pelvic pain, nutrition, hormonal imbalance, and much more. Many of these in-person classes, especially for pregnant women and families have been cancelled.

Peer Support Groups: We launched live video peer support groups by topic for women to connect with and support each other.

COVID Resource Guide: We are hosting weekly webinars with special guests and have compiled a special Q&A updated weekly from our medical advisor at Harvard Gynecology on the latest guidance for women of all ages and special circumstances (i.e. pregnancy, immunocompromised, etc).

As companies rapidly expand access to virtual health and wellness platforms, it’s time to consider supporting your team through the messy, non-instagrammable, but incredibly important moments. When you make that investment, it’s not only good for the health and wellness of your team, it shows you are investing in services and tools to support them even in times of uncertainty and where supporting women can happen both in and outside the office.

When this pandemic ends, a new normal will likely emerge, where a blend between remote and in-office work is supported. In that new reality, benefits across the lifespan for all ages and life stages are more important than ever so we can all thrive.

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