We Can Do Better: Diversity and Inclusion in Supplementary Benefits

As many of us in the HR community are assessing our overall company cultures, it’s time for us all to ask ourselves the question: are our health and wellness benefits really meeting the needs of our workforce?

We have spent the past few months speaking to hundreds of employers across the US, in all industries and company sizes. In almost all cases, our colleagues are generally happy with the benefits packaged offered: they are mostly one-size fits all, and easy to manage and roll-out.

But when we dig a bit deeper, we discover together that those one-size fits all programs almost always fall short to include more taboo challenges including mental health needs, chronic pain, stigmatized women’s health needs like endometriosis and menopause, pregnancy care, and much more. They rarely meet the needs of all family types, gender identities, sexual orientation, and chronic conditions. And too often, these same challenges disproportionately impact employees from already marginalized communities and backgrounds, whose health and wellness needs and challenges have been long ignored by health systems.

For example, health plans and benefits rarely address transgender operations, fertility treatment, and parental support, even if a family benefit is place.

It’s why telehealth services offered have less than a 11% engagement rate, on average and most other platforms see less than a 20% utilization rate. Today, more than 60% of employees are dissatisfied with their benefits and 70% of workers would like more benefits options around life changes, such as new family benefits. The reality is that most benefits today aren’t meeting the true needs of diverse teams.

As an HR community, we can and must do better. The bottom line is this: employee health and wellness are diverse, and the benefits we offer should be too.

The good news is that meeting the diverse needs of your team doesn't have to be challenging. You can empower your team and their families to self-direct their health and wellness benefits by allowing them choice in the solutions they want to use to meet their personal goals and decisions. You can offer diverse benefits for every background using newly available digital health tools, virtual platforms, and consumer facing health and wellness technology for almost every need imaginable. These tools address deep verticals and sometimes niche challenges. From breast cancer support services to remote diabetes management, and online counseling, there has never been more available to design a robust, inclusive benefit package.

Of course, it can be a daunting task to assess all of the needs of a team and may be extremely challenging to engage your team sensitively to understand the scope needed without invading privacy to decide in which tools to invest. And the challenge to source and vet hundreds of new offerings to meet those needs is an undertaking that most companies simply don't have the time and resources to achieve.

But instead of spending the next few months trying to source and offer new, more inclusive programs and tools to better meet needs, why not set a budget and literally put your team in the driver seat to choose their own tools?

It’s truly the best way to ensure everyone is getting the care and tools they need to thrive.

At Hela, we can make it easy for you to roll out hundreds of leading apps, wearables, products, teleconsultation platforms, and services under one contract. You can set any budget for your team to spend on the benefits that really meet their unique needs, from virtual pelvic floor therapy and career coaching services to sleep programs, birth control subscriptions, and pediatric food allergy prevention, your team can find the tools they need to thrive, all completely in their own control. And even better: what you offer are tools your team can trust, as everything on the Hela platform is curated and vetted from leading medical experts.

If you're ready to revamp your benefits headache free, at any budget, we’d love to help you in the process.

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