Seven Questions to Assess Inclusivity of Your Benefit Offerings

Last week, we published a blog on Tackling Diversity & Inclusion in Your Health & Wellness Benefits. In response, a number of employers have asked the important question: how can I assess whether our benefits are actually inclusive?

When we speak with HR leaders, we often hear the concern that while one-size fits all health and wellness programs are easy to roll out and manage, they are not sure if their efforts are actually meeting the diverse needs and challenges of their team.

If you’re ready to assess the state of the benefits you currently offer, we're sharing seven important questions to jumpstart your investigation:

What is the current engagement rate of your supplementary benefits?

If you’re seeing less than a 50% engagement rate, your benefits might not be meeting the actual needs of your team.

Is one group seeing a higher engagement rate of benefits than others?

If the answer is yes, your benefits may not be inclusive of particular groups, or favor one group or life stage over others. What other benefits can roll-out to serve those groups?

Are your benefits inclusive of all gender identities, religious groups, sexual orientations and family structures? I.e. if you offer fertility benefits, are they inclusive of LGBTQIA families and provide pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, and fertility support services to these groups?

This may require a deeper look into the programs you offer and if their offerings truly stand behind their statements. You should also assess the makeup of the benefit team and if telehealth, the providers offering care, to ensure they are also diverse and inclusive in their own corporate structure.

Do your benefits offer support for all life stages and not only those of new families or those trying to conceive?

Remember your entire team is not likely in the stage of life where they are trying to start or support a family, and others may not want to have children. Supporting only this life stage can often make many members of your team feel personally undervalued and under-supported.

Do your benefits offer choices to your team through various programs and options?

Allowing your team to self-direct their own health and wellness benefits outside health insurance is the best way to be inclusive and support your team in the way they actually need and want to be supported.

Do your benefits allow your team to take advantage outside working hours, on their own schedule?

In office benefits and perks are awesome, but for team members that need more flexibility in location or hours, they may feel pressure to be present or unable to fully participate.

Do your benefits support the partners and family members of your workforce?

Remember your team’s productivity, happiness, and satisfaction is also impacted by the health and wellness of their partners and families. You can think of creative ways to extend benefits to loved ones around your team as well.

The good news is we can all do better, and that there are diverse benefit programs to empower your team to achieve their own health and wellness goals.

At Hela, we can help you ensure your efforts are truly meeting the needs of your team and empowering them to choose their own tools to thrive. If you’re revamping your benefits, we’d love to be a part of your journey.

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