IWD 2020 | We're honoring the messy moments behind the smiles.

Like most people, we love the feel good message of International Women’s Day and the photos, videos, and stories that emerge from all around the world of fierce women making change. But on this International Women’s Day, we want to honor the non-instagrammable moments of women’s lives behind those smiling faces in those inspiring photos. From bleeding nipples from breastfeeding to brain fog and hot flashes during menopause, and debilitating period pain for the 20% of women who struggle with endometriosis.

In 2020 we have been hard at work piloting the Hela Health platform with employers across the United States who believe in the power of supporting women during those private moments that are often swept under the rug as we try to have it all. They believe in a new way of providing benefits by giving women real choices and real tools to pursue their goals and decisions with resources that actually meet their needs and make their lives easier.

Through the Hela Health platform, they are providing the latest products, services, devices, wearables, and apps to women of all ages in their workplace directly, as well as access to leading experts to ask critical questions for their care. They recognize the need to move beyond telehealth only solutions for acute care and help women manage across their unique journeys.

Our partners have shared inspiring stories of women who have started to open up about their needs in the workplace and are finding solutions for their needs they never knew existed or could afford to access before. We are seeing utilization rates over 80% and receiving frequent feedback that this program is changing the way they see how health and wellness can be managed anywhere, anytime on their own terms. These companies are taking a big leap of faith by bringing innovative tools into the workplace but are seeing immediate, positive results in ways we all could not have anticipated.

In honor of this International Women’s Day we want to help women in your workplace experience the power of Femtech at work. We’re offering use of our platform as a complimentary benefit for the first 3 months, and after you can decide if this is a solution that fits your needs.

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