Introducing Live Support Groups

We know that social distancing has deep impacts on how we can support each other as women through our unique needs and lifestages. Many of us are spending more time at home, away from friends and colleagues, and struggling to juggle it all. 

We're launching Hela Support Groups so you can connect with women in this uncertain time, all virutally, to support and empower each other. Support groups allow you to connect with the same women over live video once per week on our platform. 

Hela is here for everyone in the coming months, not only those on our employer plan. To get started select the group you are interested to join and we'll notify you when there are enough participants to launch. 

How it works


Choose Interested Group

Select from available options.


Notification of Group Launch

When we have 10 women signed up for the group, we'll send around a survey to find a time that works best for your group to connect.


Connect with Your Group

Log onto the Hela platform for a live video chat each week where you can share your unfiltered thoughts and connect with women on a similar journey.

Keep in Touch

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